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Opera culture in Odisha

For entertainment, people of Odisha depends upon stage show, staged by so many groups in the occasion of festivals like Dasahara, Rashpumima, Raja Parba and Dolapumima. Stage show are organized by some drama committees in rural areas. Rural people also very interested to listen pala and Dasakathia and dance like Kathaka, Odisi. Galsagar also organized for entertainment programme plots based on Hindu Mythology forms stories for darma. To recall and remember of stories of ram and Krishna people gave those stories a darma form and practices this also chhau Nata of Mayurbhanj is internationally known for its color and virility and stylish make. In some parts of Orissa, Chhau dance is very popular. Danda Nata is complete drama of an episode character of this dance Ygi, Kela, Siva and pravati are very interesting to see.

Ghanta patua involves dancing on stills while keeping a pitcher on the head niaroatua, one has to walk on fire in Kantapatua on nails and thorms in Khandapatua on swords in the jhulahpatua one is made to hang head down words over a flame.


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