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Abhay-A story of a Common Man

A story of a Common Man. Some situations in life make us question ourselves and our society. This is a story of a man who decided to find the answers of such questions. This is a story of a common man doing uncommon things while facing uncommon situations. Abhay is ...

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Mote Bohu Kari Nei Ja 2011

Cast Overview Dircted by: Choudhury Bikash Das Stars: Sidhhanta Mohapatra, Mihir Dasha Production House: Darshana Music & Films Produced by: Gyanaranjan Priyadarshana Music: Bikash Shukla Script: Dr. Rajani Ranjan Release Status: In Theatres       Trailer

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Kemiti A Bandhana (2011)

Cast Overview Dircted by: Saroj Satapathy Stars: Chandrachuda Singh, Anu Choudhuary, Sabyasachi, Aripita,  Mahasweta , Bijay Mohanty. Production House: Baladebajee Productions Produced by: Pradip Sahoo, Rabindra Sahoo Music: Prem Anand Release Status: In Theatres Did you Know Bollywood Star Chandrachuda Singh is playing an important role for the first time ...

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