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Performing Arts

Opera culture in Odisha

For entertainment, people of Odisha depends upon stage show, staged by so many groups in the occasion of festivals like Dasahara, Rashpumima, Raja Parba and Dolapumima. Stage show are organized by some drama committees in rural areas. Rural people also very interested to listen pala and Dasakathia and dance like ...

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Chhau Dance of Odisha

Chhau is an ancient dance form. It originated in the mock fights of the Oriya paikas (warriors) who fought rhythmically to the accompaniment of indigenous music instruments The highly Stylised Chhau dance of today follow the basic principle of the Natya Shastra of Bharat Muni and the Abhinaya Darpana of ...

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Krishna Leela

Associated with the cult of Krishna leela has a deep religious flavour.People in the village communities in certain parts of Orissa join in singing and dancing to the accompaniment of mridanga and cymbals. This is performed particularly on the occasion of Holi and Rasa Purnima. Different episodes of Krishna legend ...

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Ram Leela

Rama Leela, a very popular theatrical performance of Orissa as elsewhere in India, being religious in character retains all its religious significance. The theme of the performance is derived from Ramayana . In some places the performers use masks and there are others who do not use them. We have ...

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Pala Nacha

Pala, a very popular performance associated with the mixed cult of Satyapir, has wide distribution in Orissa. Its origin goes back to Muslim-mughal period when asimilation of Satya Narayan of Hindu pantheon with Pir of Muhammadanism, brought about a synthetic cult known as ‘Satyapir’. This is an instance to show ...

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A colourful and popular performance is rendered by two members, one signer (Gayaka) and the other accompanist (Palia). The very word (Dasakathia) is derived from the word Das which means worshipper and Kathi means two pieces of sticks which produce a very sweet sound. This performance is ritualistic and secular ...

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