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Fashion trend in Odisha

In Odisha the people prefer to wear traditional dresses like Dhoti, Kurtha and Gamucha during festivals or other religious occasions though western-style dress has gained greater acceptance in cities and towns among men. Women normally prefer to wear the Saris (Sambalpuri Sari, Bomkai Sari, Kataki Sari) or the Shalwar kameez; western attire is becoming popular among younger women in cities and towns.

The Saree of Odisha is much in demand throughout the entire world. The different colors and varieties of sarees in Odisha make them very popular among the women of the state.

The handloom sarees available in Odisha can be of four major types; these are Ikat, Bandha, Bomkai and Pasapalli. Odisha sarees are also available in other colors like cream, maroon, brown and rust. The tie-and-dye technique used by the weavers of Odisha to create motifs on these sarees is unique to this region. This technique also gives the sarees of Odisha an identity of their own.

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