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Most people have trouble sleeping some of the time ,and some people have most trouble sleeping of the time .Insomnia is clearly a widespread problem.But many people who complain about insomnia  actually sleep more than they think they do.scientists estimate that a substantial number of all people who consider themselves insomniacs get as sleep as people who consider themselves normal sleepers.

Even people with a reasonable accurate nation of how long they sleep may incorrectly believe they,re missing out if they sleep less than seven or eight hours.But the body ,s need for sleep varies widely from person to person , ranging from as little as four hours to as much as ten.

New -borns spend up to 18 hours a day asleep and young adults average seven to eight hours,but older people tent to sleep only  about five to seven hours at night often because they take daytime naps.if they insist on climbing into bed at 11pm and staying there 7am,they are apt to spend a lot of hours in bed awake and worrying about it.

Whether or not you take sleeping pills or other sleeping aids, experts offer a number of suggestions to help you sleep better.

*Don,t drink beverages containing  caffeine after the middle of the afternoon.caffeine can make it hard to fall asleep.

*Avoid daytime napping ,particularly an after -dinner snooze.day time sleep can cut down on sleeping time at night.

*Take exercise every day .physical activity can be conducive to longer ,deeper sleep Sexual activity can also be an effective soporific for some people

*Establish a routine , including a regular time to go to bed and to wake up .once the body “programmed” into a daily sleep -wake cycle, sleep is easier to attain.

*Establish a regular ,bedtime ritual for the hour or two before retiring, such as taking a warm bath, reading in bed or anything else you find relaxing.

*if  you ,re not sleepy,get out of bed.Tossing and turning and worrying about falling asleep can only make your insomnia worse.

*if the insomnia lasts for several weeks and doesn,t respond to these measures,consult a doctor.









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