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Odisha Factfile


  • 17o.49’ & 22o.34’ North Latitude and 81o.29’ & 87o.29’ East Longitude
  • Located on the eastern coast of India
  • Bordering West Bengal & Jharkhand in the north, Chhatisgarh in the west, Andhra Pradesh in the south and the Bay of Bengal in the east.


  • 1,55,707 sq.kms (4.74% of India’s land mass)

Orissa is divided into 5 major areas

  • The Coastal Plains
  • The River Valleys
  • The Rolling Uplands
  • The Plateaus
  • The Hills & Mountains

The Coastal Plains

Northern Coast comprising the Subarnarekha and Budhabalanga plains Middle Coast comprising deltas of the Salandi, Baitarani, Brahmani and Mahanadi Southern Coast comprising the Rusikulya plains. Over 480 kms of coastline dotted with some virgin beaches like Chandipur, Konark, Puri, Gopalpur, etc.

The River Valleys

  • Subarnarekha and Brahmani originating from Chhotanagpur Plateau
  • Mahanadi originating from Amarkantak Plateau
  • Baitarani originating from Kendujhar Pleatue
  • Budhabalanga, Rusikulya, Vamsadhara, Nagavali, Bahuda, Salandi, Salia etc originating from the Eastern Ghats.

The Rolling Uplands

  • Rairangapur region
  • Baitarani valley
  • Brahmani Basin, Mahanadi Basin, Rusikulya Basin, Vamsadhara & Nagavali Basin
  • Sabari (Malkangiri) Basin

The Hills and Mountains

  • A store house of sylvan beauty, the hills and mountains cover more than half of the state’s area.
  • They are parts of the Eastern Ghats intersected by rivers like the Mahandi, Brahmani, Baitarani, Rusikulya and Budhabalanga cutting deep gorges at places (like Satkosia).
  • The elevation of the mountains, which separate the coastal plains of eastern Orissa from the rolling uplands of western Orissa, ranges from 300 mts to 1000 mts with some peaks soaring higher than 1000 mts.

Climate -Tropical

  • Temperature – Max – 42o C (Summer); Min – 10o C (Winter)
  • Rainfall – 150 cm Average


  • There are 3 major seasons—Summer, Rainy & Winter
  • Summer Season (April to June) is usually hot but the forest and hilly areas are fairly cool.
  • Rainy Season (July to September) drizzles intermittently without hindering mobility of traffic.
  • Winter Season (November to February) is extremely pleasant.
  • Orissa can be visited round the year, with every season having its own charms
  • However, the best period for the people from cold regions is from October to March


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