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Mahaprasad Avada – The Food of Lord Jagannath Temple Puri


One of the traditional and Popular Delicacies of Orissa is the Mahaprasad (Avada)- the holy food served to Lord Jagannath as bhog. This is mostly available at the Anand Bazar near the Jagannath Temple.

The specialty of ‘mahaprasad’ preparation lies in its massive cooking by unique steaming process in earthen pots, kept on above the other. There is an elaborate menu for different occasions. After offering the food to the lord, it made available for sale in the Anand Bazar, the food market, in the premises of the temple.

The kitchen of the temple is believed to be the largest in the world where about four hundred Supakars(cooks) work on two hundred hearths to feed about ten thousand mouths every day. Such arrangement is also available in temples like Lingaraj & Anantavasudev at Bhubaneswar and many other places.

Chhapan Bhog

56 sacred items of Jagannath Temple, Puri
  1. Ukhuda ( Sugar coated pup rice)
  2. Nadia kora (Coconut ladu)
  3. Khua (condensed milk)
  4. Dahi (Yoghurt)
  5. Pachila kadali (Ripe Banana)
  6. Kanika (Flavoured Rice)
  7. Tata Khechudi (Dry Khechudi)
  8. Mendha Mundia (A kind of cake)
  9. Bada Kanti (Fried Cake)
  10. Matha Puli (A kind of Pan cake)
  11. Hamsa Keli (Sweet cake)
  12. Jhili ( Thin pan cake like Dosa)
  13. Enduri ( Idli)
  14. Adapachedi (Ginger Paste)
  15. Saga Bhaja (Fried leafy vegetables)
  16. Kadali Bhaja (Fried Plantain)
  17. Maric Ladu (Chilli Ladu)
  18. San Pitha ( Small size Cake)
  19. Bara (Donalds)
  20. Arisha (Sweet fried cake made of rice flour)
  21. Bundia (Sweet granules made of gram flour)
  22. Pakhal (Water rice)
  23. Khiri (Milk Rice)
  24. Kadamba (A kind of sweet)
  25. Pat Manohar (Name of a sweet)
  26. Takuaa (Sweets shaped like tongue)
  27. Bhaga Pitha (A kind of cake )
  28. Gotai (A kind of salty cake)
  29. Dalma (Dal with vegetables)
  30. Bada Kakara (Large Fried sweet cake)
  31. Luni Khuruma (Salty Biscuits)
  32. Amalu ( Malpua, Sweet Puri)
  33. Suar Pitha (Poda Pitha, Baked Cake)
  34. Biri Buha (Black gram cake )
  35. Jhadai Nadaa (Small ball shaped cakes)
  36. Khasta Puri (Strong fried cakes)
  37. Kadali Bara (Fried Plantain)
  38. Sana Arisha (Small fried cakes)
  39. Sakar (Chatni)
  40. Podo Pitha (Panned Cake)
  41. Kanji (Sour Rice)
  42. Dahi Pakhal (Curd rice )
  43. Bada Arisha (Large size Fried cake)
  44. Tipuri (Three stage fillings)
  45. Sakara (Sugar candy)
  46. Suji Khir (Milk with samolina)
  47. Muga Sijha (Boiled green gram)
  48. Manohar (A kind of sweet)
  49. Magaja Ladu (A kind of sweet)
  50. Pana (Sweet Drink)
  51. Anna (Rice)
  52. Ghia Anna (Ghee rice)
  53. Dali (Sweet Dal)
  54. Besar (Mixed veg. curry)
  55. Mahur (Veg. curry with mustard seeds)
  56. Saga (Leafy vegetables)

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