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Pithas(Cakes)- The Special Delicious Odia Cuisine

Among the Popular Delicacies of Orissa you can opt for the different kinds of pithas (Cakes) prepared from rice powder and gram dal. The various pithas made in Orissa are like Peda,Chitau, Manda, Arisa, Kakara , Podapitha, Chakuli pitha and Enduri Pitha.. The sweet ones, Chhenapoda pitha are delicious. These dishes are also considered as festival specials as they are made in huge quantity during all the major festivals. The preparation of a good pitha requires skill and expertise and these are delicious to eat and extremely popular dish of this region. Tea is a common beverage of modern times while coffee is also popular. Green coconut water and sugar cane juice are refreshing cold drinks. Ripe mangoes, jack fruits, watermelons, bananas etc are among regular local fruits.

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