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Special Delicacies from the Oriya cuisine


Orissa cuisine involves extensive usage of coconut even in desserts. People of Orissa include dessert in their regular meal. Some of the desserts which are famous in Bengal and all over India are the invention of Orissa. History says that the well admired Kheeri or Kheer (rice pudding) preferred all over India was originated in Orissa before two thousand years. Orissa cuisine offers a variety of desserts like Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Khirmohan, ¬†Rasabali, Chhena Gaja, Chhenna Poda, Kalakand are just fabulous, once tasted- then it’s just irresistible. Chhenapodapitha, the caramelised custard-like dessert is popular not only with the locals but also with the tourists.

Chhena Kheeri which is made with cubes of ricotta cheese, Jalebi made with kneaded ricotta cheese which is called Chhena Jalebi, Khaja(shaped dough fried and drizzled with sugar syrup).The taste of Kheersagar ,a dessert made with cheese dumplings in condensed milk ,is also praised among the inhabitants. The Meetha Dahi (sweet yoghurt) and Malpua(sweetened deep fried batter of a mixture of bananas and flour) are preferred as tasty local desserts. Most of the sweet dishes here are milk preparation with various ingredients like chhenna (cottage cheese), coconut, rice, and wheat flour.


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