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Non Vegetarian Special Cuisines of Odisha

Talking of the Cuisine in Odisha, we must mention the fish and seafood which are specialties here. Crabs, prawns and lobsters cooked in curd or coconut milk with little oil are the special dishes of Odia Cuisine. What is rich and plentiful is the diverse selection of seafood, with crabs and lobsters steeped in the ever present ingredients of – Orissan cuisine- curd (yoghurt) and coconut milk. The curd here is rich and creamy and gives the succulent flesh an additional flavour. It is not only the seafood which is traditionally cooked in curd and coconut milk but also yams, brinjals and pumpkins are liberally used in curd with mustard seeds giving the whole preparation that extra zing.

Non vegetarian dishes include Macchojhola, Chicken masala, Chilli Chicken, Mutton curry. Orissa is a place where sea foods like prawns, lobsters, fish and crab are found in abundance. Not only the locales, but the tourists also relish the preparation of sea food like Prawn malai, Machha curry, and Crab kalia and Chilli fish.. Among other delicious dishes Chhencheda, Chingri Malai, Crab Kalia, Dahi Machha , Soriso Macha are notable.

It is for you to decide whether the taste is same as at all place else or way better. But what sets the Non-veg. of Orissa apart and miles ahead is the variety of seafood. Dishes made of prawns, crabs and fishes are the most famous among the locales as well as outsiders.  A considerable number take chicken although in many domestic kitchens, especially in rural areas, it is not entertained. But a significant proportion of people relish fish and other sea food delicacies like prawns, crabs and lobsters as these are found in plenty in the vast coastline of the state

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