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The perishing tradition of OSHA BRATA AND MELA in Odisha

Odisha has good deal of well – known tradition of oshas , bratas and melas. the ceremony and sancity of these traditional religious festivities are unparalleled . but these days, such occasions seem to become less lively and some of them are gradually perishing seem to become less lively and some of them are gradually perishing too. Thus I would like to make it known to the world , especially to the modernised Oriyas Who are last awere of it . There are atleast 18 major Oshas in a year . They are Bhdhei Osha (known as Budhei- Sudhei observed on wednesdays in the month of bhadrab and goddess Bimala or Tarini is worshipped with the establishment of the idol of Bhuddhibaman in a sila), Chaitra Mangala Osha (observed on tuesday in the month of Chaitra aned goddess Mangal is worshipped ), Alana Osha (observed in the month of Ashwina and goddess Lakhmi is worshipped), Shani Osha or Tota Osha(obsrved every Saturday, Lord Shai is worshipped in a mango grove ), janhi Osha or Tulsi Puja (observed in the month of Aswina , moon god and Tulsi are worshipped finally on the day of kumar purnima ), Bata Osha (Where the bhogas are covrered with a branch of Bajramuli , Lord jama is worshipped). Dutiya Osha or puajiuntia (known as Dutibaman Osha obsseved in Ashwina, worship OF Sun God , making the sand effigies of fox and eagle , the branch of Aparmaranga is cooected for the purpose), Danda panhara (observed in the month of pausa , worship of lord shiva), Sathi Osha (observed in Bhadaba, Goddess Sathi is worshipped), Kanji Anla observed in Margasira, goddesss Sathi is worshipped with other puja items like bittter kipper , kanji, radish cuttry , poi plant Balunga and plant of Saru), Sukutuni osha or munibara bani , (Lord Shiva and parvati are worshipped), Nisha Mangalabara Osha (observed in the month of Ashswina and Mangala is worshipped), Margasira Gurubara or Dhanamanika (observed in mangasira and goddess Lakhmi is worshipped), Benatia osha, purniam Osha, Bada Osha,(observed in the month of kartik, LORD Shiva is worshipped).

There are atleast 32 Bratas , observed in orissa in a year . They are santoshi Mata Brata (observed  with fasting on every friday in which goddess santoshi is worshipped and pickle in not eaten ), Subasa Brata (in which kedarnath is worshipped with 21 forest flowers and 21 beterl nuts ), Sambadasami  BRATA (THE SUN GOD IS WORSHIPPED),Radhastami  Brata (worship of radah), Somanath Brata (observed in Bhadrab, lod shiva and pravati are worshipped), pandu osha Brata (observed in margasira and worship of judhisthira), Sabitari Brata (observed in jyestha, Lord jama is worshipped ), Nagala chaturthi (in kartik , worship of  shiva ), Sannkata chaturthi(observed in the month of margasira and worship of sun god), Balitrutiya or tija Brata katha (observed in bhadrab and ord shiva is worshipped), sambara  Dasami (observed in the month of pausa ,worship of shiva ), Rai Damodara Brata (in kartika and jworship of jagannath ), Shri Krishna janmastami  Brata (in the Bhadrab and worship of lord krishna ), Ananta  Brata ), pusa Rabibara brata ( in the month of pausa, worship of sun  god),  Binayaka  Brata ( in bhadarab and worship of lord  Ganesh), Skanda sasthi brata (observed in chaitra ), magha  Brata, guru panchami brata (in Ashwina ), guru purnima brata (in pausa) roosi panchami , Baisakha , sits nabami brata (in jyestha) ramba trutiya ( in jyestha, Bipattarini Brata , gouri  Brata, katika Brata. there are almost seven Melas observed these days. people observe them in the  spectific days of a week which are not over lapped with each other they can do it round the year . the melas include trinath mela (observed on sunday and worship of bramha , vishnu and maheswar), sanishacara mela (observed on saturday and worship of shani),Nabagraha mela (worsipof the nine grahas on a apecific day in consultation with the purohit), Tarini mela (obseved on tuesday ), panchanna mela or Akhandalamani mela (observed on monday ),  Astambhu  Mela        (worship of lord shiva )and hanuman mela (observed on saturday).










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